Make Meal Prep Easier

Make Meal Prep Easier

If you know me personally then you know that I thrive by being on top of things. Well, by the end of last year I was NOT thriving. I was so overwhelmed with work, family, and everything in between that it was hard to find the positives in each day. I also knew that 2022 was going to be a very busy and challenging year for me as well. So, I sat down one day and started to make a game plan on things I could do to help.


One big thing that came to mind was how much I dislike making meal plans for the week and going grocery shopping, both of which are a necessary evil. I have been using Instacart and Walmart Pick-up to do the grocery shopping, but that still leaves the meal planning. My husband has had some recent medical issues that has made it necessary to change our family eating habits to be healthier. My usual recipes are not that healthy, so I needed help on healthy meals.


The solution, HelloFresh. HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service that ships weekly boxes of fresh ingredients, as well as the recipes with step-by-step instructions, to your door. I had looked at meal kits before but never really felt like it was completely necessary. Well, now with all the extra work I am taking on, if I can get help with not having to buy groceries and looking up recipes, I feel like it may just be worth it.



We received our first box, and it was so nice to arrive home and see that everything I needed for dinner was in the box on my porch! I grabbed the box and went straight to the kitchen. All the ingredients for each meal were in an individual bag with a label on top. The meats were in a separate bag with a cold pack. All the recipe cards were inside, and all I had to do was pick which one I wanted to make, and I got started. The dinner I chose was the Creamy Dill Chicken with roasted potatoes and broccoli. I thought for sure that my family was going to rebel and ask for pizza, but to my surprise they tried it and enjoyed it!



My favorite thing is that we are able to pick and choose which meals we get each week and change them if we do not like them. I also chose the healthier options for our kit. You still must go grocery shopping for essentials and breakfast items, but I have Instacart and Walmart pick-up for that.


If you would like to try HelloFresh and get $110 off when you sign up, and help me get $10 off, click the link below.


        Try Hello Fresh Here


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